Was the response on Mrs Birkett’s questionnaire which was returned recently.

The question was “Would you like to make any other comment (good or bad)?”
Mrs Birkett’s response was “Fab, fab, fab!  Wonderful service. Thank you.”

When we asked if there was any particular reason for choosing us she said it was because she had

“Used you before and excellent service.”

Mrs Birkett has asked us to remind her to have the items cleaned again in about 18 months, which is how often most carpet manufacturers recommend having carpets cleaned to maintain them in peak condition.  A recommended 12 – 18 month cleaning cycle is also suggsted by The IICRC, who are the international certifying body for carpet cleaning procedures.   We’ll drop Mrs Birkett a letter shortly before the 18 months anniversary and schedule the next clean, hassle free.



Written by Allan Simmons

Allan Simmons

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