Whether its trodden in mud, spilt ink or a dropped glass of wine, every carpet suffers from its fair share of stains during its lifetime. No matter how careful you are, carpet stains are sometimes unavoidable as is the stress they cause. But there’s no need to worry. Every stain can be rectified with the right know-how. Read on for our handy stain-removal tips and tricks

Prepare your equipment

Every home owner should have a well-stocked cleaning kit, ready to tackle any stain that may appear. There are a few essentials to have on stand-by at all times:

  • Bicarbonate of soda / baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Clean cloths and rags
  • Ammonia
  • Washing detergent
  • Washing up liquid

Don’t panic – just blot

When faced with a large, stubborn stain, it’s easy to panic. However, there are very few stains that are entirely irreversible – in most cases, your carpet can be saved.

The most important thing to remember when tackling stains is to act quickly and blot the stain rather than rubbing it. As soon as you notice a stain, get to work blotting the excess liquid before grabbing your pre-made cleaning solution and diluting the stain. If your stain is already dried in, add a little warm water to loosen it up and allow you to blot some of it away.

Different stain, different rules

You need to bear in mind that every stain has its own rule book for removal. A chocolate stain, for instance, will need to be tackled in a different way to spilt oil. It’s important to identify the stain before trying to remove it as you may make it worse by using the wrong products.

Water soluble stains, including soda, milk and alcohol, are the easiest stains to remove as they can be diluted with warm water. Using a detergent solution or white vinegar will do the trick for these stains and they require very little scrubbing.

Bodily fluids are very unique stains to remove. If a pet has an accident or your child cuts their knee, washing up liquid will be your new best friend. Apply the solution directly to the stain and blot away. If this doesn’t work, a little ammonia should do the trick.

Call the professionals

If a particularly stubborn stain isn’t going anywhere, or your carpet is starting to look old and worn, it may be time to call in the professionals. Clean & Dry’s carpet cleaning service in Rotherham can remove any tough stains and leave your carpet looking like new.

Remember, it’s always best to get expert input rather than taking any risks with your carpet, so be sure to call our team if you are unsure about a stain and need some expert advice.