Is your muddy bike slowly ruining your carpets and rugs?

No matter how much you clean your bike the British weather is against you.  Unless you wash down your bike after every ride, it’s going to get dirty tyres.

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, if you don’t have a garage and you store your bike in the hallway it’s probably slowly ruining your carpets.  It’s not just bikes’ though, at this time of year muddy shoes and wet muddy footprints become somewhat of a menace to your carpets.  Not just in the hallway either, but through your entire home as the dirt ‘tracks in’ and into those other areas too.
Unlike with laminate or vinyl flooring which can be wiped easily, mud sinks into the carpet and rug fibres, embedding itself deep into the fabric. As mud is insoluble, it is almost impossible to remove without enlisting the help of a carpet cleaning professional.  Our Bio-Cleanse carpet cleaning formula kills almost all bacteria that have been traipsed or wheeled into your home, whilst the solutions we use leave no sticky dirt-attracting residue, removing stains once and for all.
So, if you store your bike in the hallway, or even if you’re just a busy family, try our Clean & Protect system, which provides an invisible protective barrier to your carpets? Safe for your family and any pets you may have in your home, protecting your carpets and rugs is much cheaper than replacement!
Don’t replace, restore!



Written by Allan Simmons

Allan Simmons

We're a local family run business owned by Allan Simmons Jnr with 30 years experience. If you're looking for clean, brighter and fresh smelling furnishings we guarantee your satisfaction or your money back. Connect with Allan on Linkedin >>

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