Go for it. Great service and a great price.

My Mum used to have you clean her carpets. My rug was quite old and was very dirty! It looks fantastic now, thank you 🙂 What I'd say to someone thinking about using you is "Trust you - Come and see my rug."

Very satisfied with the professional service and the outcome of our rugs, they are like new again. Thank you.

What I'd do/say to anyone thinking of using your service is... Show them our rug and tell them how good a service you offer.

Puppy had soiled on it, it has resolved that.

They are a very good cleaner and local too. They were polite and reliable and we were highly satisfied with the service we received. GO FOR IT!

Excellent service / value for money.

Quick service, rugs look brand new.

The other comanies just do a freshen up and not a proper clean. Other company also recommended you. Highly recommended.

Stains all removed. I'd say don't hesitate to try Clean&Dry