Please check you are only entering clients who are in the Rotherham Area.
This is for Domestic clients who we've never worked for who DO NOT book in when we do the quote.
Who to add is generated using the 'My Grid Filter' tool and the filter "Daily Report QNB Email Roth Chimp":-

  1. Open the Client Record.
  2. On the Group Tab in the Client Record check which Group they belong to , eg QNB Building Work First.
  3. From the Main Tab in the Client Record click the 'Email' button next to the 'email address'.
  4. Open the corresponding Email , eg "QNB Building Work First"
  5. Check if the email says a copy of the quote is attached.  If so create the copy quote from GBU to attach and attach it.
  6. Enter the subject of the email in the Subject box, highlighted green.  Choose most appropriate from:  Many Thanks, Your quote, Here's more details...
  7. Send the email from GBU.
  8. In the Client Record, on the Groups Tab tick the Group "MailChimp QNB Domestic Prospect" AND the "On Mailchimp List" Group.
  9. In the Client Record, in the Details section on the Main Tab choose the "Yes" option for "On Mailchimp List"
  10. Add the clients details to the form below.

Any queries please ask Allan Jnr.