We've provided infection control cleaning in Rotherham to local  Doctors surgeries, Schools and Nurseries for years, but the recent outbreak of the SARS CoV 2 virus that causes Covid 19 meant we thought we'd better update our skill to ensure we meet the latest Public Health England Guidelines.

All our team recently spent 8.30am until 6:00pm on an update infection control course. This was specific to our industry, so it was worth the time spent on it.

What did we learn that we can update you with, that will be of use to you in your home?

Two things that you can consider that you can put into action today:

In order to effectively clean surfaces and disinfect them, you need to clean away the visible debris or dirt before applying the disinfectant or surface spray or bleach spray. This is important as otherwise, you are applying the disinfectant to a dirty surface which can, in turn, reduce the efficacy of the disinfectant, meaning it kills less of the microbes and viruses. You can use warm soapy water first to give a primary clean and then use your disinfectant for a better level of bacterial and virus control.

Another one to consider is mouldy surfaces like tiles around your bath or shower - whilst wearing gloves and use a damp, disposable paper towel or kitchen roll to wipe away any surface mould before you spray it with a mould spray or bleach. Always follow the manufacturers instructions when using a product.  As soon as you apply a spray to a surface heavy with mould, the mould will try to protect itself by shooting out mould spores which will then land in other areas of the room including on your hands, your clothes, your hair and your face. Yuck! These spores can then start to grow and multiply.  So wipe away the worst of the mould first.

Obviously, we learned (and relearned) more about the technical side of what we do specifically related to viruses and importantly about how we can safely help you in your homes and places of work. What was impressive was the number of the UK’s best-known people from our industry on the course, including one of the country’s top instructors who was topping up his own knowledge.

We also learned more about the new developments with one of the products we use and how it is now leading the market with its proven virus-killing properties.  This is what the lab states that the product has achieved: 'a pass to EN 14476:2013 + A2 2019 vaccinia virus enables claims for efficacy to be made against Wuhan virus'

This same product also has some residual efficacy.  This means that after application to a surface the product continues to kill bacteria and viruses landing on it, but it's safe for you and your pets.  How long it lasts depends on the wear, but it does give a little extra peace of mind.  Here's a picture of the surface of a treated area at a microscopic level.

Infection control disinfectant residual efficacy image Rotherham

A microscopic view of the residual efficacy of our virucide treatment.

Both your safety and the safety of our team are of utmost importance.  We will discuss with you the additional precautions we would need both you and us to take if we were to clean in our home.  If it's your work environment we can also help there too, including full peace of mind disinfection fogging treatments to ensure your workplace is safe for your return.

Our range of services includes full Deep Cleaning (with ATP swab testing for confirmation of the efficacy of cleaning), ongoing 'Touch point' cleaning, ulv Fogging of virucides, carpets and soft furnishing cleaning and virucide treatments, Hard floor cleaning and disinfecting.  A one-stop for your home or return to work peace of mind workplace clean.

If you'd like your home or place of work cleaning and disinfecting call us now on 01302 230 685 for a free, no-obligation quotation.

Thanks for reading, and remember, we're still offering our Rug Cleaning service where we collect, clean and disinfect, then return your rugs.  Click here to find out more about our Rug Cleaning Service in Rotherham