The weather is getting colder, the evenings darker and gifts are gradually being bought. There’s no denying it, the holidays are coming. Whether you’re ready or not, Christmas is around the corner, and so are your festive guests.

The last thing you need at Christmas time is the mother in law pointing out stains on your furniture, or children getting covered in pet hair from the carpet. Fortunately, there’s still plenty of time to get everything ready. Keep reading to find out exactly how to get your home guest-ready for Christmas.

Be prepared

Whether your home needs a quick sprucing or a full deep clean, there’s no time like the present to get started. There’s no use in waiting until your family is on the doorstep before realising you’re not ready for them. Take a few trips to the local skip to rid your home of clutter then figure out exactly what needs to be cleaned and get the cleaners booked in.

Start at the top

Before you have the professionals come in to work their magic, you may want to make sure everything else is sparkling. You don’t want freshly cleaned carpets and furniture becoming filthy the minute you grab the duster. Dust and clean all walls, shelves and surfaces, making sure you’ve covered every nook and cranny.

Places to sleep

Gone are the days of the ‘no room at the inn’ as an excuse. You need to be prepared for any number of cousins, kids and unexpected ‘plus ones’. That doesn’t just mean stocking up on turkey and all the trimmings. Some of yours guests will need a place to lay their head at night – and it needs to be clean.

Get all the bedding in the wash, making sure it’s fresh for their arrival and have a quick leather or upholstery clean to keep beds and sofas gleaming.

Looking down

Last but certainly not least, your floors need to be spotless. If your floors are carpeted, now is the time to give them a deep clean. Tile, stone and rugs can also benefit from an annual winter clean. A professional carpet clean will make sure your home is not only looking spotless, but that it’s germ-free and ready for the first round of charades. So, you can enjoy the holiday season without any added stress.