Messy pets, accident prone kids and food spillages are just a few things your carpet has to go through. It’s no wonder that stains inevitably occur. But what if you could stop stains in their tracks? Keep reading for 6 ways to prevent carpet stains and stay on top of cleaning in your home…


1. Use a carpet protectant

A great way to prevent future stains on new carpets is to apply a stain-resistant protection treatment. This acts as a helpful barrier and gives your carpet extra protection from dry soiling and accidental spills.

There are separate wool-safe options for use on wool carpets and you can also apply the protection to existing carpets after a thorough deep clean. With a professional carpet protection treatment like Clean & Protect, you can also benefit from a 12-month limited stain protection warranty.

2. Get a head start on cleaning

Prevent stains by vacuuming your carpets before they are visibly dirty. Cleaning as soon as the carpet colour starts to dull is the best way to stay ahead. This is especially important as soft furnishings can contain dust and allergens which are undetectable to the naked eye. Waiting until your carpets are filthy will make it much more difficult to remove stains later on.

3. Maintain a routine

In heavy footfall areas, your carpets will be constantly put to the test. That’s why it’s so important to maintain regular vacuuming to prevent deep rooted stains. It also ensures that dirt doesn’t build up, so your home feels fresh and clean at all times.

4. Use doormats

Whether it’s trekking in mud from the garden or kids running through the house, a great way to prevent stains is to use doormats. This is a place visitors and family can wipe their feet to remove moisture and dirt. So, it doesn’t get trodden on carpets through the house. Another top tip is to ask people to remove their shoes to prevent any mud from trailing into your home.

5. Act fast with spills

As much as you try to prevent stains, accidents do happen. If a spill does occur, the best advice is to act fast and clean it as soon as possible. Leaving spills – whether it’s red wine, coffee or food – can be troublesome later and create tough-to-remove stains.

6. Blot away

So, you’ve spilt something on your carpet? Don’t panic. Acting fast will help, but you also need to make sure you blot away the spillages rather than scrubbing. Scrubbing will only damage the carpet and create an uneven carpet texture.

Need a hand?

If the stains are too tough to tackle alone or just want to refresh your home Clean & Dry can help. Our carpet cleaning services in Rotherham will keep your carpets cleaner and brighter for longer, so you’re always ready for unexpected visitors.