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Our Recent Rotherham Rug Cleaning Reviews

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5/5  ·  11th November 2020 by of ROTHERHAM, Brampton-en-Le-Morthen
As expected from your service _ " Excellent "
5/5  ·  23rd September 2020 by of ROTHERHAM, Broom
Used you before and was very pleased with the service.
4.5/5  ·  18th December 2017 by of ROTHERHAM, Herringthorpe
Everything went well as I expected.
4.5/5  ·  9th May 2017 by of ROTHERHAM, Kimberworth Park
Your serviceman worked very hard and non-stop. He has cleaned our suite to a very high standard. We didn't realise how dirty it was. He was very well mannered, polite and friendly. The rug has come back in excellent condition and lovely and clean. Overall we are delighted. After using your cleaning service we were highly satisfied.
4.5/5  ·  1st February 2017 by of Rotherham, Ravenfield
Great service. Thank you
5/5  ·  5th February 2016 by of ROTHERHAM, Ravenfield
Have used you before and was happy with the service. All staff very friendly, helpful and informative. Professional, courteous, trustworthy and fair company.
5/5  ·  21st January 2016 by of ROTHERHAM, Brinsworth
Excellent service, efficient and very effective. Brought my carpet back to life. Would highly recommend.
5/5  ·  27th August 2015 by of Rotherham, Braithwell
Your service was excellent. The carpets were in a pretty bad state and came up 100% better than expected. Serviceman was extremely efficient,professional and friendly.
5/5  ·  9th July 2015 by of ROTHERHAM, Spinnyfield
Its the kind of service you hear people saying you only got in the good old days! After 14 years wear, you made our Chinese Rug look like new. I have always been very pleased with your service in the past. Excellent all round. Excellent service as always.
5/5  ·  24th March 2009 by of ROTHERHAM, Micklebring
The entire process of having my rug cleaned was friendly and professional. The price was pleasing as well.
5/5  ·  23rd September 2005 by of ROTHERHAM, Brinsworth
Excellent professional service. I never thought my rug would come as clean, its wonderful. Thankyou (worth the money)
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The 11 steps needed for thorough rug cleaning.

It's impossible to do these steps in your home to thoroughly clean your rug.  In-home rug cleaning will, at best, give you a reasonable surface clean that looks good when finished, but deep soiling quickly tramples back to the surface.  This means that a perhaps slightly cheaper clean was in fact a waste of money.  Even if your cleaner takes the rug away, please check they will go through these steps.

Click each step to see why it gives you the sparkling clean and fresh result your rug deserves...

  1. Rug Identification & Inspection.
  2. Dry Dust and Soil Removal.
  3. Stain & Odour Removal Pre-Treatments.
  4. Pre-Wash Soak.
  5. Washing.
  6. Rinsing.
  7. Centrifuge Spin Drying.
  8. Grooming & Inspection.
  9. Additional Spot Cleaning or Colour Correction work as needed.
  10. Temperature & Humidity Controlled Drying.
  11. Final Vacuuming, Inspection, Finishing Touches & Packing for Return.

Step 1. Rug Identification & Inspection.

We offer a collection & delivery service if required, we can even arrange to move and replace furniture if needed.  Please discuss this when you call.

When we visit your home, or you drop your rug off at our workshop, the first step is to identify and inspect your rug.  As fully trained master rug cleaners we will determine the best method of safely cleaning and reviving your rug.  We'll do a couple of small tests on the rug in an inconspicuous area to confirm the fiber content and backing type, then measure the rug.  We'll inspect the rug for pre-existing damage, such as frayed fringes, holes, burns, loose fibers, moth damage, loose backing, pet stains or odour, and any colour-run, as well as several other things like abrash and pile reversal to mention a few.  We'll discuss any issues we find with you and advise what the expected result is likely to be.  We'll work out a firm written price and a guarantee that if you're not delighted we will resolve it or the cleaning is free.  If you want to go ahead we can take the rug straight away, or you can leave it with us in the workshop.

Video of Inspection

Step 2. Dry Dust and Soil Removal.

You might wonder why is this step so important?

If dry soil in the base of the fibres isn't removed it just turns to sludge when it's wet.  Any cleaning company doing a surface clean of the rug in your home, not carrying out full immersion cleaning like our process, will find it almost impossible to remove this sludge.  Not removing the dry soil results in a poor surface only clean, which might look good initially, but soon becomes dull again as the trapped soils are walked on.

Whilst we vacuum your rug to remove surface soiling such, as hair and daily fluff, vacuuming alone will not remove the deeply embedded grit, sand, and soils.  If you leave the grit and sand in the base of the rug it acts like sandpaper and the sharp edges wear at the very base of the fibres as you walk on the rug, this greatly shortens the life of the rug.  The rug pile hides these soils, and your rug may not even look that dirty, but the dry soils and grit will be deep in the base.  That's why it's recommended you clean, or at least professionally dust your rug every eighteen months to two years.  Once it's been vacuumed we'll then "dust" your rug to remove that grit and sand.

How do we "dust" your rug?  We use the latest machinery that simulates how rugs used to be cleaned.  Rugs were often hung over a washing line and the back beaten with a stick or leather belt strap, which produced clouds of dust that just blew away.  In our workshop, your rug is fed face down through "the duster", where a spinning bar with leather straps attached beats the backing of the rug.  We control the speed of the beating to cause harmonic vibrations, which make the dry soils and grit to fall out of the rug.  This is happening in a vacuum chamber where the fine dust is picked up from the air and filtered out, this leaves the heavier grit and sand to fall onto the enclosed tray below to be swept away.  This process is repeated until we see no further grit falling out of the rug.

For more delicate rugs or rugs with much finer dust, such as plaster dust following building works, we can use our "air-dusting" process.  This uses compressed air blown through a special floor tool.  This airflow dislodges even the finest dust and the vacuum shroud around the wand safely picks that up and filters it into a tank.  Some cleaners use air dusting, but just allow the dust to blow out into the open street.  The dust is actually classed as trade waste and just allowing the dust to blow away is illegal.  Our workshop is fitted with dust extraction units to capture this dust and dispose of it correctly.

Watch the video and I think you'll agree this is very different from just vacuuming your rug.

Video of Dusting

Step 3. Stain & Odour Removal Pre-Treatments.

Why pretreat stains rather than 'just see if they come out'?

By using appropriate cleaning solutions specifically for specific stains, or the correct sequence of products if we don't know what the stain is, means there is a much higher chance of removing them.  Just jumping straight in and cleaning in the hope they come out can make some stains more difficult to remove.  We have a variety of products, including eco friendly spotters to use on the various stains we see.  Everything from food and drink spills, to ink and oily stains we have a specific treatment for.

Video of Typical treatments.

Step 4. Pre-Wash Soak.

Content to add

Video of wash tub and pump running

Step 5. Washing

Content of washing

Video of Rotary washing brushes and cleaning agent dispensing.

Step 6. Rinsing.

Content for rinsing

Video showing the inside of the machine and the pressure rinsing and squeegee.

Step 7. Centrifuge Spin Drying

Content for Drying

Video showing wet rug loaded and spinning and removal of same rug, including loading onto a drying rail. Possibly with scales to show weight?

Step 8. Grooming & Inspection.

Content for grooming

Video demonstrating grooming and inspection on the pole

Step 9. Additional Spot Cleaning or Colour Correction Work as needed.


Video showing spot cleaning and dye colour run correction?

Step 10. Temperature & Humidity Controlled Drying.

Content for

Video showing drying rails, humidistats and readings, air-movers, moisture dripping from dehums etc

Step 11. Final Vacuuming, Inspection, Finishing Touches & Packing for Return

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Video showing finishing table and inspecting, including trimming sprouting tufts, rolling up and packing and putting in storage rack.